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Production will work normally until 22.12.2023. After that we will have a Christmas break and production will be back normally on 02.01.2024. Last delivery day before break is 22.12., we need to have orders in for that delivery day before 11.12.2023. Please consider that date closely when planning...
Production is in summer holiday for 10.7.-6.8.2023! Specialboxes should be ordered before 16.6.2023 , latest delivery day will be 7.7.2023! Products from standard range we can deliver in all weeks, correct delivery day will be decided by the on going week. Happy summertime from all the people in...
We have renewed our routines for ordering fasteners for e.g. Beamboxes. In the past, the mounts were included in each Beambox's article number, but cause problems as there are different mounts for truck and trailer. The fastening series must now be ordered separately for each Beambox. Articles:...

Boxes for everyone!

TransComponent Finland manufactures and sells equipment for heavy vehicles.

Our main products are Toolboxes and Spare-tyre boxes sold under the BT brand.

The company has since its inception more than ten years ago, invested in a high quality and continuous product development. 

This, together with fast delivery and flexible working process we are today a leading manufacurer of these products in Scandinavia.

On these pages you will find info about the products and also get a lot of information on various news and changes in our catalogue.